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If you are an old friend or a family member I would encourage you to subscribe. I was never very good at posting to Facebook but I’ve recently been craving some of the connection that it can create. While my Facebook feed has become saturated with people I no longer care to connect with, political mumbo-jumbo, and a whole lot of other nonsense, I view the email platform as a good way to update others on my life and find that connection. Think of it like a weekly Christmas card…We all love those right?

And if you don’t know me, I’d still encourage you to give me a chance. I’m a writer whose still figuring things out, and I want to use this platform to get better at expressing my ideas through storytelling. It could be weird, or it could be great. You never know…

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One of the things that excites me most about this newsletter is the ability to connect. No matter who you are, consider sending me an email back. Tell me whats going on in your life, tell me what you think of the newsletter, just say hi! The oppertunities are endless, but I’d love to hear from you!

Some Links

I write on my website Greenmanwrites.com

I’m also pretty active on Twitter

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